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Tree Trimming Tips

Have your Trees Trimmed by a Professional Tree Service

Tree Topping-- DONT ALLOW IT!

Topping a tree is basically cutting the branches down just above the dominate trunk of the tree. This is the Worst thing to do to a tree. 

 It stresses the tree, burns the tree from sun exposure, leads to decay, and can make the tree dangerous. 

When a topped tree grows back it will grow with hundreds of very small skinny branches looking like a huge bush in the air. They are very ugly, and will break easily. The inside canopy will look like a tangled jungle and will take years to MAYBE look normal again with heavy upkeep. 

This practice is usually sold by an unskilled laborer, NOT A TREE PROFESSIONAL ! If someone tells you your tree needs this get a second opinion from a skilled Tree Trimmer.

Lion Tailing-DONT DO IT

This is a very good way to destroy your prized trees.  Some claim this will make trees allow light and be more wind resistant. Do Not allow this. This type of pruning will result in burns to the core of the tree and more prone to damage.

It will also make the tree top heavy and more prone to blow over. This is not a standard used by knowledgeable tree pros. If a tree requires this much pruning to be safe you may want to consider removal of the tree. 

Lion tailing example at bottom

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