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Stump Grinding and Stump Removal In San Antonio Tx | Bulverde Tx and Surrounding areas

Tired of tripping over that unsightly tree stump? All Arbor Tree Trimming Service can help.

Big stump, small stump or somewhere in between we have you covered. All Arbor Tree Trimming can handle any size tree stump. Regardless of the location of the tree stump, next to a fence, house, brick, or pool. Our team of tree professionals has the knowledge and equipment to handle this task safely and efficiently. 

What is Tree Stump Removal and Grinding

Tree Stump Grinding is performed with a machine that has a circular cutter head with lots of teeth to chew the wood similar to a chainsaw but much more aggressive. 

Digging a tree stump out is not only costly but not in the least bit fun or efficient. Stump Grinding allows for quick work of the Tree Stump as well  as the surface and underground roots. with the stump ground it will allow for new growth of any plants or grass or even a new tree if you so desire.

Choose All Arbor Tree Trimming Service for your Stump Removal needs

All Arbor Tree Trimming has low emission equipment to handle the task. We are professional and knowledgeable and have a team who will treat you and your property with respect. We never ask for more than our estimate price and sometimes come in under our estimate. We will never ask for more money. We provide a full clean up and leave your property looking clean when we are done. as always the job is never done until you give us your approval.

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