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Sanitizing to Prevent Oak Wilt 

Methods to Sanitize Tree Cutting Equipment

Sanitizing tree cutting equipment is very important to prevent the spread of oak wilt and pathogens among our Live Oak Trees as well as other Oak species. These fungi are not visible to the eye but can create a big problem if not taken seriously. There are many products available for disinfecting tools such as chlorine bleach, alcohol, trisodium  phosphate, pine oil, and other cleaning products are acceptable.


It is recommended to dip the tools in one of the solutions for at least 20 seconds and wipe clean. however the better method is to soak as well as using a stiff bristle brush to help remove the thick sticky sap that can burn in to the cutting blades. 

Regardless of the method used it is vital that tree professionals do this prior to trimming any oak tree in San Antonio Tx and surrounding area. All Arbor Tree Trimming Service takes this serious as we take great care in giving our clients a safe tree cutting experience for the trees they take  such pride in. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us about this important step.

Closeup of freshly cut logs
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