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Tree removal in San Antonio texas

All Arbor Tree Care Is family owned and takes great pride in our achievements. Our professional crew of climbers is well trained and equipped for even the most difficult tree removal. 

We will provide a free evaluation of the trees health while checking for decay, broken or dead limbs, Insect damage, As well as bark defects. 

The tree removal team is made up of many years of experience. 

How much does Tree Removal cost in San Antonio 

The cost of tree removal in San Antonio can vary depending on many factors. Anywhere from $200 and up. The tree removal estimator will provide a free on site evaluation and discuss options and an affordable quote. 

Local Tree Removal Professionals

We are proud to be a top rated tree service and removal company in the Alamo city. We will treat you and your property with respect and always do a detailed clean up. 

Removing a tree can be a stressful decision and may not always be needed. We will let you know if it is possible to save the tree or if it is absolutely necessary to remove it. We will not pressure you and advise you to take the time to discuss it with your family. In the event it is an emergency , Our team will be there when you need us.

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