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Tree trimming & pruning San Antonio TX

We are proud of our majestic live oak tree population in the city of San Antonio. Often our trees are overlooked and unhealthy. Tree Trimming Is essential to ensure the overall health of our trees. Thinning the canopy, removing dead wood, clearing roof line and power lines, as well as fertilization will help keep your trees in good health.


Our team at All Arbor Tree Trimming will make it our goal to provide the best tree service in San Antonio. We use and follow ANSI tree pruning standards. We do not believe in lion tailing or removing to much of a tree canopy. It is often done and is Not a good practice. It will result in to much exposed branch and burning of the tree, as well as weakening the structure. 


All Arbor Tree Trimming will perform a free on site estimate and listen to your needs ans well as offer our own recommendations. We never ask for more than our estimate once the job is complete. 

Affordable Tree Services San Antonio TX

YES! Trees need regular maintenance just like most things. They can become diseased or even infested with insects.This can lead to dead branches and decay. Dead wood should be removed as soon as possible.

Low hanging and branches close to your home should also be trimmed to protect your home as well as residents as well as your family. Dead tree branches can often break off and fall. 

We offer 

  • Tree Thinning

  • Tree Canopy Lift

  • Tree Removal

  • Tree Pruning

  • Tree Trimming

  • Dead wood removal

  • Stump Removal

  • Free estimates

Our team follows ANSI standards. We seal all wounds to the tree. We also clean and sterilize our cutting blades prior to starting a new job. We promote a safe work place and treat you with respect. We will walk you through every step of the process so that you completely understand and agree with our plan. We will always perform a walk through once the job is completed to make sure you are completely satisfied. Only then are we done.

All Arbor is licensed and insured for our protection as well as you property and family. We take great pride and care in our professional tree care services. We use the latest equipment and rigging methods. 

Tree Removal Service in San Antonio TX can be a hard decision to make. Many of us are very protective of our trees. However a diseased tree can be dangerous and become an eye sore as well. 

Our Highly skilled team of tree experts can help. 

Some questions you might ask before tree removal.

Is it a dangerous tree?

How much of the tree is decayed or damaged?

Are tree branches falling?

Does the tree have the ability to damage property or people?

Is my tree diseased?

Let All Arbor Tree Trimming help you with these tough decisions. Removing a tree is not always needed and should be a last resort. We offer free consultation  and evaluation. We use the latest techniques and safety practices to ensure our protection as well as yours and your property. 

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Bexar County San Antonio, TX Tree Trimming Services

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