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Live Oaks were the first trees to be protected by forestry laws by congress.

Live Oak Trees were so valuable that the government took action to protect it.

They were very much used to build ships. The navy actually maintained oak forest

for this purpose.

Live Oaks are one of the most beloved trees in our area. The branches can span twice

the distance of the trees height. They provide a great canopy for our Texas landscape.

Live Oaks are a wonder of beauty and do not go unnoticed. They are often covered in ball

moss or spanish moss. Some consider it beauty while others think it is a disaster. It is the

most widely planted tree in Texas. These trees are not care free however. They need dead

wood and general pruning and trimming. They can also fall victim to various fungal infections

including oak wilt.Texas has lost thousands of trees due to oak wilt.

Majestic Live Oak Trees should not need much in the form of trimming. It will need deadwood and some light canopy work or trimming. Majestic Live Oaks should never

have large dominate branches removed as part of trimming unless they are heavily damaged

or infected. Removing a dominate or even a co dominate branch with out proper knowledge

can kill these trees that could be well over 70 years old or more.

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